• Welcome to the SuperTraining.TV Store

    It's always been the mission of SuperTraining.TV to provide entertaining and informative video content for free. While the content might be free, cameras, computers, software, web-hosting, etc. to keep the videos coming and the site running definitely aren't. Neither is the time it takes to put original programing together.

    How do these costs get covered? A little bit of YouTube revenue share, some affilate payments for great products fans purchase by clicking through the site, and now...hopefully...from sales of great products offered in this store. 

    Right now, you can show your support by picking up a great t-shirt or an informative dvd. The plan going forward is to continue to expand the product offerings with lots more cool stuff. 

    (Note: You should definitely pick up some Sling Shot products from and subscribe to Power Magazine. SuperTraining.TV and the SuperTraining.TV Store, however, represent an independent business under separate ownership. Neither the video site or production is regularly supported by revenue from them. That support needs to come from fans like you.)

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