Ed Coan Extreme Powerlifting DVD Set


Ed Coan Extreme Powerlifting DVD Set
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A SuperTraining.TV Exclusive!

In 1993, Ed Coan shared his methods -- along with some of his amazing training and competive lifts -- on VHS tapes. This video series hasn't been available commercially for several years. After we took a look at them again recently, we realized how many "lost" secrets of powerlifting were in them. Through an exclusive arrangement with Ed, SuperTrainingGym.com has remastered these videos for DVD using digital video enhancement and noise reduction technology. Plus, we added bonus footage of Ed's final competitive lifts at 2007 USPF Nationals.

Each disc features...

  • Technique demonstrations for main lifts and assistance exercises.
  • Sample beginner template.
  • All exercises can be performed in a typical commecial gym.
  • A full training session leading up to a meet.
  • Meet footage from national competitions.
  • Formatted for maximum resolution on both widescreen and standard TVs.
  • Quick access menus.
  • 2 channel Dolby sound.

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